About the Plan

The Regina Civic Employees' Long Term Disability (LTD) Plan provides eligible members with protection against the potential loss of income in the event they become ill or accidentally injured.  The Plan has been designed to compliment the members' sick leave plan and to integrate with government disability programs.


Some of the benefits of belonging to the Plan include:


      - monthly disability payments equal to 75% of your pre-disability salary;

      - coverage for recurrent disabilities;

      - early access to diagnostics and surgeries;

      - access to therapy programs, conditioning, and rehabilitation programs; and

      - access to return to work programs such as cross jurisdictional placement,

        split shifts, and work from home programs.




The Plan represents employees from the following Six employers:


      - the City of Regina;

      - the Regina Qu'Appelle Regional Health Authority;

      - the Board of Education of Regina (Division No. 4 of Regina - non-teaching


      - the Regina Public Library Board;

      - the Buffalo Pound Water Administration Board; and

      - Möbius Benefit Administrators Inc.



Investment Holdings

Assets of the Plan are actively managed in accordance with the Statement of Investment Policies and Procedures.


Asset Class Allocation at December 31, 2015:










The Plan is governed by a Board of Trustees made up of 12 voting members; two employer representatives appointed by the City Manager, four employer representatives appointed by City of Regina City Council, and six employee representatives elected annually by the membership.


The current Board members are:


      Colin Jensen



      Bob Linner



      John Gangl

      Lorna Glasser

      Jo-ann Hincks

      Tanya Lestage

      Kathy Lewis

      Barbara March-Burwell

      John McCormick

      Brian Seidlik

      Brian Smith

      Rod Wiley

      Deb Cooney*

      Scott McDonald*


      *Non-voting Employee Alternate


The Plan is reviewed by a qualified actuary at least every three years and is subject to the requirements of The Income Tax Act.