Applying for Benefits

To apply for long term disability benefits, claim forms must be completed by:


      - your employer (Employer Statement);

      - yourself (Employee Statement); and

      - your physician (Attending Physician's Statement of Disability).


Your physician's form must be completed by a legally qualified medical practitioner who is involved in the care and treatment of your disabling condition.  If any specialist has been seen, you should ensure that copies of the consultation reports and test results are included with the Attending Physician's Statement of Disability.


All forms are available from your employer or from Möbius Benefit Administrators Inc.


If you are applying for a disability benefit which has been claimed through the Workers' Compensation Board, ensure that all applicable correspondence is also included with your initial claim forms.

You must mail or deliver all application forms and supporting documents to Möbius Benefit Administrators Inc.  Your claim is then forwarded to an adjudication specialist for processing.