Plan Changes Effective July 1, 2017

You and your employer make contributions to the Plan.  The remainder of the cost to your long term disability benefits is paid for by the investment earnings of the Plan.

Contribution rates are based on recommendations by the Plan actuary and are subject to change.


Member Contributions

In accordance with Schedule "A" of Bylaw No. 9566 your contribution rate is 0.46% of salary.


Example Calculation:


                              Annual Salary of $47,500

                              0.46% x $47,500 = $218.50

                              Total Annual Contributions = $218.50


While on disability, neither you nor your employer shall contribute to the Plan.

Member contributions are automatically deducted from each pay you receive throughout the year.  Your contributions to the Plan are tax deductible.


Employer Contributions

Your employer matches your contributions to the Plan (at the same rate outlined above).



Leave of Absence

You may elect to continue long term disability coverage by contributing to the Plan during periods of:


      - suspension;

      - leave of absence without pay; or

      - lay-off (up to 90 days).


If you elect to continue coverage, contributions from your employer will only be required during:


      - the first six months of your suspension or leave of absence without pay; or

      - the lay-off period (up to 90 days).


Please contact your employer regarding the leave of absence form and the terms and conditions of the extended coverage.

The leave of absence form must be completed and signed before you leave in order to ensure your continuing coverage.


Civic Pension Plan

While on long term disability, you are required to continue to contribute to the Regina Civic Employees' Superannation & Benefit Plan at a rate of 75% of that plan's normal contribution rates.


You may waive the required contributions (and related service credits) only if you are receiving partial disability benefits which are 50% or less of the total disability benefit.