Member Forms

Disability Claim Form - Intial Assessment

The Regina Civic Employees’ Ltd Plan has retained the services of Manulife as a disability management provider. Manulife will provide support to your plan sponsor as needed regarding the management of your case. Use this form for Intial Assessment.



LTD Authorization & Understanding Form

In order to ensure the Plan is able to coordinate your medical documentation, assist with diagnostic testing, assessments, expediting of surgery, if required, and return‐to‐work planning, we ask that you please complete this Authorization & Understanding Form.



Leave of Absence/Layoff Without Pay Form




Direct Deposit Authorization

Use this form to change the bank account to which your payment is made.



TD1 Personal Tax Credit Return Form

All Canadian residents should use this form to set up personal federal tax credits and deductions.



TD1-SK Personal Tax Credit Return Form

If you are a Saskatchewan resident, use this form to set up personal federal and provincial tax credits and deductions.



Note: If you do not live in Saskatchewan, please click here to be directed to the Canada Revenue Agency website to obtain provincial TD1 forms for your province of residence.