Rehabilitation Employment

While you are disabled, it may be determined that some form of rehabilitation and/or retraining program would be beneficial to your recovery and return to the workforce.


Rehabilitation and retraining programs are programs approved by the Administrative Board that are designed to advance recovery from a disability.  A rehabilitation or retraining program may include, but is not limited to:


      - resuming work in your regular occupation on a part-time basis, or with modified duties;

      - resuming work in an alternative position;

      - a formal training or upgrading program;

      - a vocational assessment or a period of on-the-job training;

      - medical or psychological therapy; or

      - combinations of the above.


Refusal to participate in a rehabilitation program approved by the Administrative Board will result in a 50% reduction of your disability benefits.


Wage top-up benefits may be provided if you are engaged in approved rehabilitative employment up to 90% of your pre-disability or deemed salary.


You will not have to serve an additional 120 day qualifying period if you are engaged in rehabilitative employment and cease work again within a 12 month period as a result of disability.